Northern Basketball Sweeps Montana Tech

In the first game of the double head Saturday night in the women’s contest MSU-Northern and Montana Tech go into overtime, knotted up and in the OT the Skylights outscore Tech 10-6. A big three by Tiara Gilham put them out in front for good, as the won 59-55. Gilham led the way with 20 points, 13 more for Hovde, and 10 for Peyton Kehr. In the men’s game the Lights led midway through the second half by six and turned it on, with a 13-nothing run and extended themselves to a 72-60 win and won their third straight Frontier Conference game. Caulin Bakalarsky knocked down 23 points for the Lights, 15 more for Kavon Bey and 14 for Mascio McCadney. The MSU-Northern sweeps Tech.

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