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“I moved to Havre in 1988 for a job at KOJM.  26 years later, I’ve come full circle.  I’ve traveled to nearly every state expanding my Radio career, and a few place overseas.  After living in Havre for a few years, I discovered a great community filled with people that are caring and genuine.  And the sporting scene speaks loudly for the citizens in this great community.”

“Bowling, softball, hockey, curling and a city dart league. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Radio and music.  My philosophy is that everybody has a favorite song that makes their world a little brighter every time they hear it.  The language of music is universal and everybody enjoys it.  We all may not have the same tastes in genre, but it speaks to all of us.”

“Music, news and sports have always been a big part of my Radio career, and it makes for a well rounded broadcaster to have several irons in the fire.  So when you day isn’t going the way you hoped it would, listening to the Radio can and does lift your heart, lighten your Spirit and has a way of smoothing things out.  Don’t be afraid to sing along.”